What Type of events does Stush Kitchen Cater?

  • Simply put, any and every! Weddings, family reunions, baby showers, birthday parties. If you have any concerns regarding whether we can cater your event type, we urge you to contact us for clarification!

How far in advance do I need to secure my date?

  • We highly suggest that you reserve your date at least 90 days in advance. Our calendar is always available to public view, click here to see what dates are available!

How do I get a quote for my event?

  • Our prices consist of 3 parts. Set Up & Clean Up, Travel, & of course, Food. Set up and Clean Up is an additional 40% of your total food costs. See Travel costs breakdown below. Food prices can be found here

Does Stush Kitchen Cater Outside of Georgia?

  • We absolutely cater in all 50 states and we're working on catering internationally! Travel is charged according to your location in reference to Stone Mountain, Georgia. Any event located more than 20 miles from zip code 30083 will be subject to a $50 Travel fee. Locations further than 60 miles are considered long distance. Long Distance events are subject to travel and boarding fees which must be handled by the host. We require travel and boarding for 2 individuals at minimum, the larger the event, the more employees will be needed. Of course, this will all be discussed during a consultation call.

Do you provide tastings?

  • We happily provide a tasting session to all our clients who request one. This can be added to your total cost for your booking, or paid in advance. The cost is $150 with a $20 per additional person fee and we allow up to 5 people per session(including the host). A contract must be signed prior to scheduling a tasting. The average time for a tasting is approx 2 hours.

During the Tasting session we invite you and up to 4 of your chosen friends or family members to meet with our head chef to enjoy a variety of menu options. This also serves as an in person consultation where you will be able to ask any questions and learn more about Stush Kitchen. The tasting session includes 1 full sized dish of each menu selection for all guests to enjoy. They include the following:

.1 Appetizer

.2 Entrees

.3 Sides

.1 Dessert

*Please note, some menu items are not subject to a tasting. If any of your selected items do not fall under our tasting menu, you will be notified and the closest substitute will be presented*

Do you allow changes to Menu Items?

  • To-Go Orders are not subject to change. Meal Plans can be altered according to the options included in our weekly menu. Catering and Private Chef Sessions can be altered according to dietary restrictions, so long as the changes do not alter the integrity of the dish.

Can I change my order?

  • Any changes must be made at least 14 days prior to the event so we can make the proper arrangements and adjustments. In some cases, exceptions may apply, and changes cannot be made.

Do you offer Delivery?

  • Currently we are only offering Delivery for Meal Plan orders. To go orders are pick up only. We are working to change this for the near future!

What happens to the leftovers?

  • We're aware that our portions are very healthy, therefore leftovers are almost a given! Leftovers are all yours to enjoy. During our clean up at your event, you can request for us to store food in disposable containers for you. Please keep in mind that all foods may not be deemed safe to consume the following day. Those will be disposed of. Any leftovers you do not choose to keep will be donated to the nearest Womens or Childrens Shelter.

Do you provide wine or liquor?

  • Along with our beautiful and delectable array of dishes, we also offer an open bar option for Georgia events. We are working on obtaining proper licenses for all 50 states!

What is your cancellation policy?

  • This policy is valid for online, email and phone catering orders. An event and/or order may be cancelled with no charges up to (14) full business days prior to the event. Cancellation of services made less than (14) full business days prior to the event will be charged 50% of the contract. Cancellation of services made less than (1) full business day of the event will be charged 100% of the contract. 

    3 Days prior to event client may reschedule if needed, however perishable items will incurr additional expenses:

    Additional Expenses: labour, parts, loss of use may be extra. Deposit 50% will be credited toward the new date. If new date is cancelled then the deposit 50% will not be refunded.

    ** Note refunds are the sole discretion of Stush Kitchen. Although an event may be cancelled or rescheduled, Stush Kitchen reserves the right to allow for consulting and coordinating when or if determining to allow for a cancelation or refund of any amount or for any reason.

Do you have a cake cutting fee?

  • No! Our staff is happy to cut any cakes provided by us or the event host. Let us know how many guests you are wishing to feed and we will cut accordingly.